things arent what the seem.

Posted: February 10, 2013 in auto
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i will be leaving this here for now.  more to come but until then, i do want to let you know its not really what you think it is.




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sometimes you just forget about things, and then you come back and they are right there waiting for you. kinda like this little blog. ive been pretty busy the last few months. 2 jobs, school, life, side hustle. girl problems. with all of that, i barely have time to live my life. i will be making a short come back. i have a few small updates to add before i decide im leaving. by leaving i dont mean the blog, i mean this project.

Long Time.

Posted: March 12, 2012 in auto

So it’s been a really long time since I posted anything. You’d think I had forgotten but with so many projects going on, I just don’t have real updates. I have however fallen back in love with my first love. It’s only a matter of time till I get back together with her.


Since 1987…

Posted: July 3, 2011 in auto
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A little while back I got together with mike from original garage (OGsincebirth and we decided the best thing for my wants and needs would be a custom set of bc racing coils with a high spring rate. Fast fwd a few months, I dropped my car off with him while i went on vacation. Parts were delayed so i waited another week. Not a big deal. I asked for an update of my car and all I get is a pic of wheel and fender. He let me know I could come get it. Fast fwd to today…we still have a little fender massaging to do after I pick up a set of tires, then I can go a little lower and get my alignment. Well I also have a few other small things to put on but well make another post with that. Until then here’s a few pics.



A to z33

Posted: June 8, 2011 in auto
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I really just wanted to highlight something I’ve been contemplating lately, getting a z33. I’ve wanted one for a while. So just for a little more inspiration I wanted to share a few pics of the Z’s I like most.













Just wanted to pay a visit to the old days, not really but its not like this is from yesterday either. Early 00s…my boy chris put this clean accord together. “skyline” kit, 19″ advan sienna’s, a hard hitting system, not to mention a chrome and gold engine bay that included a drag turbo kit. Not my usual posting but I do love my homes old school cars.







I don’t think I’ve ever actually posted pics of my car on my own blog. But since I tagged along on Sace’s shoot the homie Zeem took a few shots of my bucket too. It’s def nothing special, but it’s home. 19/20 Leon hardiritt (they are gone and have been replaced with better fitting herzogs), tein cs (soon to be replaced by the homie mike from for a custom valved and spring rate BC Racing coils), a set of l-tuned skirts (gone and replaced with stocks) and some other bs that’s not really worth mentioning. As you can see by the new parts, I hope to have a small makeover soon and will def post pics when the new coils are on.






And one with the new wheels.